Journey by Dawn

Birthday destination: Everest Base Camp! VIDEO of my holiday trip!

Last month, September 2019, for my birthday I decided to travel to Nepal. People say that travellers go to there for the mountains, but return for the people. It was really my case as well, the desire to return remains! I met amazing people from Russia, Israel, New Zealand and Australia, also from countries I never even heard of before such as Palau! I met local people, who do not speak a word of English, but communicate better than words can, in their state of poverty and simplicity, finding harmony and joy.

Now, a few weeks since my return I decided to put together my bits and pieces of video to share and inform future travellers! It’s only one of the first videos I make, so any comments are most welcome! πŸ™‚


During this holiday there were several issues I experienced:

  • My guide cancelled the day before my flight to Kathmandu – hence me going solo.
  • Once there the flight to Lukla was cancelled and I changed my plan…
  • I had the flu, diarrhoea, and altitude sickness, from all I recovered miraculously…

So despite all these unpredictabilities I was determined to enjoy my time there. In fact, I was surprised how free I became inside as the altitude increased. Perhaps my troubles have something to do with Oxygen levels, I thought. Less Oxygen, less troubles. πŸ™‚

A few words of advice for future travellers:

  • Pack light but essential
  • Budget finances and do research, good research!
  • Bring medications even if you think you will not need! Especially for pain.
  • Take your time, it’s amazing there, once you don’t have altitude swelling or headaches…
  • Don’t let any troubles, failed plans or even memories get to you… Actually being alone in the mountain is quite healing, but you are faced with yourself. How you cope with the mountain, can teach you, how you cope with life. I learned that I am resilient, but it doesn’t come easy.

The return takes about 3 days, and at some point as you approach Lukla you will meet the newcomers. It was such difference, to see people so uptight and almost frightened to greet a passer by, where most people on the mountain are very warm. The mountains change us, or perhaps it is beauty.

As Fyodor Dostoyevski said in his famous novel Idiot: ‘beauty will save the world’ …and perhaps it is already doing so…



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