Journey by Dawn

Light colours from the tallest Skyscraper in Melbourne!

The Eureka Tower – located in Southbank, Melbourne, is the highest observation deck in Melbourne and in the Southern Hemisphere. This 297m skyscraper takes you 88 floors to the top to view Melbourne life from a better distance.

The blues


Melbourne from above


The sky scrapers


Observing the city – Photo by a friend


The browns



Federation Square and Flinders Station


The waiting





Welcoming the night





The night has a lot to teach us. About silence, about solitude, about depth of the unknown world; one that we think we know during the day, but surprises us in the dark.

One that I can relate the human experience with, because even the mystery of human life begins in darkness, continues through searching for light in all our waking hours as we long for love and completeness.  And it ends in a mysterious way, so often with conditions like Dementia, that tangles our memories and takes away our understanding, the little or the lot we acquire over the years of youth.

It seems, the night serves a purpose to teach something, about something greater than ourselves. In my spiritual night, I discovered a light, that was like a lamp in the sky, leading my way ahead.

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