Journey by Dawn

It was my blog that found you! The joys and struggles of writing

I began writing this blog in August 2018, when found myself in a time in life when a significant relationship had ended. My first view and likes made me realise what a great way it is to share my journey and my observations along the way. Much better than any other social media platform I had known at that time.

Humble beginnings

I wanted to share the beauty of my experience of life in Australia, that even after 4 years of living, still did not cease to surprise me, everyday! Also, my visit to my homeland, Lithuania, which sadly enough was a very lonesome.

As I learned and opened up to this form of communication, I began getting more likes and views than ever, even even with my irregular postings, some months reached close to 1000 views!


A road in Tasmania, passing though deserted areas

The meaning

Knowing that people are clicking on my pages meant more than connecting. It meant there was someone interested in the same things: connecting with something worthwhile! Also, as I began reading and following other bloggers, it was a relief to know that sadness over my previously lived experience, did not have to define me. And it was easier to overcome it than I thought at first!

Without having a clear audience or specific topics for discussion I asked myself, what is it that people like and why do they read my blogs at all?! Perhaps they enjoyed the photos or the non-fictional accounts of my experience…  But perhaps they could relate, perhaps they found something meaningful, that I did not realise I had!


Sunrise over a lake near my house last year

The struggle

As time went, I got a job that required my full attention and I took this great opportunity to make me feel more financially secure and to gain experience in the field that I find very meaningful to work, keeping all other interests secondary. It was not even secondary, as time went they became almost non-existent.

I was grateful for the opportunity, but blogging became a challenge. Not having wifi at home, not having regular sleep hours… I reflected and shared my life only in my mind and with my closest friends.

During that time, which lasted for over 6 months, I began to see my life as a story full of inconsistencies and contradictions, not to mention the intense conflicts and unexpected endings… in relationships and in my own feelings. I began to change, perhaps grow, and saw myself and my meaning in life from a completely new and a more universal perspective: the way of love and kindness being the ultimate meaningful value, the one that defines us as humans. The one that so many overlook and perhaps I did as well, by trying to attach myself too closely with guidelines of religion and ideals that I could never fully live up to.

Recently, hearing a Masterclass of the Canadian journalist Malcom Gladwell, I was comforted with the thought that what makes a great story, is not that everything fits into a perfect picture or that the reader is spoon-fed the solutions of conflict and feelings of the characters; but all the opposite. Gladwell speaks of the peculiar power of the imperfect puzzle and how this captivates the reader, how it makes the story real and ultimately more attractive to read.

Reflecting over the past year I realise that blogging has taught me about the power of connecting with people. About the power of communication though images and words. About the enjoyment of transmitting thoughts in silence…


One freezing winter morning in the silence of a Lithuanian forest

The Future

As my membership renews, this time I’d like to expand my interests from photography and travel to writing in more depth about topics I studied in psychology and my passion for discovering new places and new worlds, experiences of culture, food and languages…

I’d like to share with my readers more closely my journey, the one that hopefully can inspire and connect, and give you an opportunity to admire this world as deeply as I experience it. 

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