Journey by Dawn

Night Melbourne: practicing long exposure photography

Yesterday night I took part in a group lesson for beginner photographers where we walked around the city exploring different settings of our cameras. The focus was on learning about movement and other things involved with long exposure. Here are some of the results.


Getting a blurred object in a fixed backgound


Getting a clear moving object in a blurred background


Getting the perfect lighting for a twilight shot


Making light trails with 30 second exposures!


the dotted lines is an work truck with flashing lights


Some crazy monster shadow


The creepy crazy monster near the city


Writing with cell phones: amazing capturing during long exposures


Some more mobile light fun 🙂

The city of Melbourne has so many faces. The narrow, graffiti painted streets is something you’d normally avoid, but for photography class it was perfect.

I learned that in photography the creative part of making a picture is about balancing the essential: shutter speed, aperture and the ISO. Just these three settings give so many options for creative expression and presentation of ideas.

I hope to share more night photos soon during my trip to the 12 apostles end of January. Apparently, as told by our instructor, in astro photography a 4 hour photograph can capture star light movements! Looking forward to try this out.




  1. Thank you for your comment Ina! I will make sure to add some black and white photos in the future. I have one beautiful picture of my last trip to the 12 Apostles that has strong shades of silver – I hope you like it :).


  2. I. Gro

    It is very inspiring to see these pictures and I wonder if you could maybe even show some black/white ones in the future as it would be cool to see what type of mood they display.


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