Journey by Dawn

Christmas blues: Australian Sea Life Aquarium!

Days off work… it’s not always easy to cope. The longing for returning to my homeland follows me throughout. So Christmas Day was no exception. After visiting a beautiful Church in the city of Melbourne I had to find something to direct my mind and heart to the here and now. I decided to visit the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

I have to say, despite being super busy when I arrived at 3pm, by 4.30pm it became unbelievably quiet as the masses probably rushed home to have family dinners. It was just the penguins and me – and we had a great time! Here are some photos from my visit.


Humans observing the fish and the fish observing the humans


The invisible friend 🙂


It’s the male seahorses that carry the babies!



An eel


A blue giant!

Penguins proved to be the most social creatures! Perhaps they too can relate to the experience of being away from home.


A young one still with some of the baby feathers on


Taking a closer look


Making eye contact


Engaging communication


Saying goodbye

And so would I recommend visiting the Sea Life on Christmas Day? Yes but only for the last 2 hours before closing. The crowds were impressive before that. Also buying tickets online is more budget friendly.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas season! May all your dreams come true!



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