Journey by Dawn

Rowville Caribbean Market: space to rest and get good deals!

Today I went to explore the Caribbean Markets, that open only Wednesdays (free) and Sundays (2.50AUD). It was quite a slow day possibly due to the cloudy weather, but nevertheless everything was running as usual.


The main entrance

It is possible to get there by bus 901 which drops you off near the main gate. There is a bit of a walk to the pay boot, after that you can take the cable car (8AUD both ways) to get to the market itself. It’s also a nice walk.


The ticket to get in (it’s free on Wednesdays!)


The cable car goes over the pond where you can see lovely reflections in the water


The peaceful ride 

The market itself has a lot to offer for good value. I ended up buying long black track pants for work (10AUD) and a bunch of veggies (about 5AUD). I also admired some beautiful silk skirts made in Nepal, but the price seemed a little much (30AUD).



Impressive handmade cards!

Next I got a perfect flat white (says an ex-barista who made coffee for over 10 years ;)) and sat by the pond to ponder about life in a space of my own.


A black swan


Baby black swan 🙂

Overall, I highly recommend coming here for people who like to walk and explore. There were also pathways to walk around but perhaps not so appealing when alone.

*Sorry I have been out of touch for the last week. I was moving, then was figuring out how to work out the time I’ve got. 🙂 I’m back now and will do weekly updates as before! Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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