Journey by Dawn

4 YEARS: best hikes photographed since my arrival to Australia!

Next week marks 4 years since my arrival to the ‘Land of Oz’ a.k.a. Australia. Here is a little tribute of my best memories photographed!


Near Hanging Rock Melbourne 2014

Melbourne parks.jpg

Amazing hikes in regional parks of Melbourne 2015


12 Apostles Great Ocean Road 2015


Breathtaking Sydney costal hikes, this one near Maroubra Beach 2016


Botanical Gardens Brisbane 2017



Sunrise hike though Brighton beach Melbourne 2018

Fyodor Dostojevski said that it is beauty that will save the world; and for sure it has been the case in mine. Despite many challenges I’ve had and continue to have while learning about this country, their customs and differences between them and the Eastern European traditions, I find huge comfort in nature and beauty.

It seems to be the language we all understand and share and can use, if only have the desire to let reach us. In an amazing way, I felt so attracted by this country that I cannot explain.


Fraser Island beaches April 2017 (photo by a friend)

I still don’t know where I will live next year but I know that there is something deep in me that has changed permanently. Discovering deeper awareness and desire to share the love I carry inside. A desire so strong that knows no barriers or fears. I think the elderly I look after at work can feel this too and the outcome is simple but true joy of living.


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