Journey by Dawn


This week I have been remembering my trip to Tasmania in 2017. I had experienced unexpected troubles in my most trusted relationship and the week traveling alone was exactly what I needed. I was amazed and surprised by such natural wonders!

Tasmania, is a small island southeast of Australia. Isolated but not forgotten, I say. ūüôā


Tasmania, Australia

Renting a car is the best way to see the parks and landscapes.

THE CRADLE MOUNTAIN is located in the ST.CLAIR NATIONAL PARK. I took a 1 day tour, it was about 100AUD and we had time to walk alone for about 3 hours there.


St. Clair National Park


The Cradle Mountain


Taking in all the serenity of creation


My next stop was in Launceston where I visited the MONASTERY OF THE DISCALCED CARMELITES. After praying in their chapel for some time, I asked by one of the local people there if it would be possible to meet one of the sisters. I met Mother Superior and had a trusting talk with her. It was a relief to know she will accompany me with her prayers.


The Carmelite monastery in Launceston


Angel holding blessed water at the entrance

The next day I set off to do a long hike to the SOUTHWEST NATIONAL PARK walking all the way as far as I could to the edge of the island Рfacing Antarctica. I must say it was amazing, but if you go there give yourself lots of time, because it looks close and it is not! The hike took me over 5 hours and the last part was at dusk.


Another amazing experience that week was seeing a LYRA BIRD.¬†This is the video I took before it ran away from me. It is a bird worth hearing! This bird is known to imitate the songs of others birds (and sounds) it hears! Not having a song of it’s own!

The very last day I drove up to EAGLE HAWK NECK¬†¬†– it is the place where Bioluminescent lights are known to be! This light is caused by bacteria that glows in the water in amazing blue colour when moved. So we used sticks or stones, even walked barefoot in the water (the sense of amazement was greater than the cold water!). The few of us there were fascinated and it’s definitely worth the drive even though you may not be 100% certain if they will be there that evening.


Bio glowing in the water when moved by a stick

Should I see such phenomena again, I will be sure to let you know and record with higher quality equipment. I hope you enjoyed by blog.

* Melbourne has been extremely rainy these days but I hope to do my project to photograph the city will be a reality soon!

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