Journey by Dawn

JET-LAG SURVIVAL: managing life in Australia after holiday in Europe!

They say there is not much you can do about it… so I thought I should make the most of it!

Jet-lag is still full-on for me even a week after returning from Europe. I’m up all night wide owl eyes, energy like I could run a marathon! But it’s only 2am… by 4am I try to sleep and spend another 4 hours in bed when finally by 8am I drift to the dream world from which I don’t return until about 4 or even 6pm. There goes another day…

After tormenting myself for 3 or 4 days I said enough. I stopped trying to sleep when I am not sleepy and decided to make the most of this waking time at night.


Some unseen figurative speech (I never realised tree branches are also limbs!)

  • First I tried going on a hike taking an early bus to the Dandenong ranges. Here are some photos of my efforts. However, by 11am I was home and ready to sleep. I woke up at 5.30pm. At least I got some photos I thought…


  • I picked up a night shift for work and that really felt good! It was so strange and felt almost unfair as other staff were tired and low in energy while I was happy to do the extra running around. 🙂 Clearly my body was thinking it was midday and distributed by energy accordingly. Not much I could do about it.



  • In conclusion: I decided to make the most of this time. To keep awake and keep productive even if it is at 1am or 6am… in the end maybe with shift work I can keep going like this as long as it lasts!

* This weekend I am moving to live to a beautiful area of Melbourne near the Mornington Peninsula! I can’t wait to make more photos to share with you all!

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