Journey by Dawn


Some interesting facts about Santorini (from Wikipedia)

Santorini is an island in the Aegian Sea. It is build on rock erupted by the volcano which is currently active, though dormant.  The towns of Oia and Fira are known for beautiful sunsets. However  today I visited the less popular town of Pyrgos and the Black Beach.

PYRGOS: This little town in low season is completely empty. It was only the cats and I. Yet, I saw a few shadows of locals, who avoided any encounters. Clearly, I thought to my self, they must have had enough of tourists during the busy season. It was a unique experience, to walk up the hill (as the bus driver suggested) and explore in complete silence the windy roads and stunning views.


The view of Oia at the end of the peninsula and Fira before it


I wondered why the corners of the streets are painted in white… I figured perhaps to make them more visible in low light.


The Black Beach: is made of volcanic sand and stones. Not only that but just beside are three impressive mountains that are the tallest in Santorini.


Entrance to Perissa beach


The more I read and learn about this active/dormant volcano, I think I am starting to understand why there are so many churches here, even this little chapel in the hight of the mountain.

Living with God in times of danger is definitely more secure and peaceful. I wonder if it is perhaps in part due to their devotion, that the locals are so kind to tourists. I was honestly impressed just how kind they were to help and make sure you understand them. Most speaking in English.

Ps. A word of advice on buses in low season: they come about once an hour and the cost is 1.80 Euro. There is no reason to not see the rest of the island if you don’t rent a car!


Volcanic ash for sand!


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