Journey by Dawn

Photographed experience of my hot air balloon flight over Trakai, Lithuania

Here is photographed the process of preparing and flying the hot air balloon over Trakai, Lithuania. It was an experience beyond anything I ever had. It was smooth, unlike I expected and an amazing guide. I highly recommend


The balloon before being unpacked!


Arriving well before sunset, the balloons were unpacked and expanded using fans


Hot fire flames continued to expand and lift the balloon to a vertical position


And before our eyes an amazing view of the land began to unfold


Trakai castle in it’s full beauty!


Our neighbouring balloons kept us company


As the sun continued to shine


Crossing highways


And dirt roads


Our pilot looked for the best ‘back yard’ to land on


Finding a beautiful flower field

It was an unforgettable, heart melting experience. I had never seen my homeland from such perspective. I hope you enjoyed seeing it too!

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