Journey by Dawn

Vilnius, Lithuania: history that shines in the present

It has been a few days since my arrival in Vilnius. The most shocking factor so far has been the amazing colours of the changing leaves as they prepare to fall, giving way to the winter season. It is a blessing beyond compare, to be here at this time of the year.


The Three Crosses viewed from Gediminas Castle



In the early 14th century, Duke Gediminas was travelling with his army here decided to camp near this hill for the night. During that night he had a dream of a metal wolf howling and his wise men advised him what this means. Soon Gediminas decided to build his fortress here as the image below shows. Over the next centuries many religious groups including Jews and Orthodox came to settle, building their temples and Churches, living.


The original outline of the city towers. The tower that is left standing is Nr.2



Over the centuries Lithuania had many occupations and persecutions, the latest one by the Soviet Russians ended in 1990. This has left a heavy mark upon the people but also a deep sense of relief.


Currently however, ongoing changes due to the European Union laws are having a strong impact on the culture and faith that the people fought so hard to maintain. It is a sad fact, not much spoken about. European Union has brought more financial and infrastructural benefits, however the essence of what made the country unique is being strongly affected.

After all the meaning of the colour red in the Lithuania flag is for the martyrs and fighters who were courageous enough to sacrifice their lives to make the lives of others better.





Some resources:

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